All-in-one voice and text chat for members is free, secure and works on both your desktop and your phone. Stop paying for TeamSpeak servers and bother with Skype. Simplify your life

Discord is the only cross-platform chat and text chat application designed specifically for players.

With the Discord app for Android, you can stay connected to all your voice and text conversation channels from Discord, even while using AFK. It's perfect for chatting with team members, see who plays online and catch up on text conversations that may have been missed.

Discord 0.0.44 Download Latest 2018

Download Discord and enjoy modern game chat:

  • Voice chat: join voice channels and chat with your group
  • Real-time messages: share videos, images, and text in a rich chat
  • Push notifications: never miss anything with @mentions and direct messages
  • Instant invitation: easily add friends to your voice server by sharing the Instant invitation link
  • Direct messages: send private messages one-to-one
  • Multiple server support: manage all your game chat groups in a client
  • Organizable channels: maintain discussions on the subject through structured communication

What's new:

The goods

  • The Audit Logs are here so you can know who and when and why your managers did something. Call it from the "when plz" list.
  • The new user interface of new configuration because the other one was not going to work in the future. Sometimes you have to push the f ** k away from something to get the best infusion.
  • Fortunately, the log out button is now easy to find in the new configuration. Claiming your soul is easier than ever!
  • The sound of the message is no longer linked to the desktop notifications that are on. Get your beeps without your sweeps.
  • Windows * desktop notifications should now always take you to the correct message. All that was needed was a 12-step program.
  • Desktop notifications are automatically deleted when you click on the related Discordia channel instead of the notification (for Windows, this requires updating the Creator due to a Windows error).
  • Push notifications are smarter. Now you will only receive a maximum of three notifications when a channel, server or DM group starts talking because you do not really need to listen to Blake and Mikey talking about high performance cars for an hour (you'll still get @mentions thrown your way). This is reset after ten minutes without anyone talking or reconnecting.
  • Friends requests and suggestions put on a pair of sweet sunglasses and are now respected by the settings of notifications on your desktop.
  • Right-click and invite the server now it always works :) hehehehe

The extraction of link information has never been so attractive. For example:

  • The tweets look better.
  • XKCD is compatible.
  • Favorite GIF services should be embedded faster.
  • The content is better disinfected in many places. Less repulsive
  • NSFW channels now exist. Please mark your NSFW zones. The explicit content filter will only remove illegal content in these channels.

Android stuff

  • He added a nasty emoji selector with personalized emojis and the search for emojis is really clever, AndyG bled for this.
  • Press and hold a message to add reactions. PRESS YOUR EMOTIONS ON THE SCREEN. In addition, there is a button.
  • The moderation section is also added to the server configuration so you can moderate on the fly.
  • Our Android app is now on board the Polish train in the slippery city. In fact, here is something more enamel:
  • * Direct download of images and files instead of opening in the browser.
  • The invite discord links will now open directly in the application.
  • Notifications will be automatically deleted when the associated messages are read.
  • General connectivity / stability improvements.
  • The Privacy and security section was added to the user's configuration.
  • NSFW channels are also compatible with Android.

Software Information

  • Date updated: January 29, 2018
  • Developer: Discord
  • License: Freeware
  • OS:Windows/macOS/Android/iOS
  • File size:55.3 MB

Discord 0.0.44 Download (PC)

Discord 0.0.44 Download (MacOS)

Discord 0.0.44 Download (Android)

Discord 0.0.44 Download (iOS)

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